Atauro map (large)





Timor Leste

Over the last few years I have become fascinated by Timor Leste, as a place, for its geology and for its people.

A major highlight of our work in collabration with EMRD has been the production of a geological map of Atauro (you have to read Tetun).

Our work in Timor has been sponsored by the Australian Research Council and helped by support from ConocoPhillips.

Some of the 2005 Atauro team.

Kate Harper, Heminio Cobufu (EMRD), Assis de Pinto (Dili Polythec), Johny dos Reis (EMRD), Jose Baptiste (Atauro), Mike Sandiford.

Brigette, Mike Sandiford, Jose Baptiste and daughter, Daniel Ervin, Maria, Mark Quigley, ??, Kate Harper, Kim Ely, Margy Hawke.

Timor field work

Atauro Life (2005)
Timor Life (2004,'05)
Timor Landscapes (2004,'05)
Timor geology (2004,'05)