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Recent seminars and lectures

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Public Lectures

  • Australia's ancient landscapes:
    lessons for an uncertain future

    Howitt Lecture, Royal Society of Victoria, June 2007.

    Using Australian landscapes as my inspiration, I explore the geological framework that provides context for our concern about rising greenhouse gas concentrations, and how and what we may be able to do about it.

  • The Power and the Passion:
    a geological perspective
    Dean's Lecture Series, Melbourne University, August 2006

    As part of a forum exploring the context of Nuclear energy prospects for Australia, I outline some of the issues concerning stability of our contients relevant to long-term waste storage, the size of our Uranium resource and the prospect of geothermal energy. link to pdf version with text

  • From Aceh to Australia:
    the remarkable story of the Indo-Australian plate

    Dean's Public Lecture Series, Melbourne University, October 2005

    I explore the geodynamic factors responsible for the 2004 Boxing Day Aceh earthquake, and relate them to the dynamics of the Indo-Australian plate, and to the much milder tectonic activity in Australia. I finish with some speculations about the role of the Indo-Australian plate in instigating the climate change leading to the emergence of our species.

  • Making Australia: landscape, climate and tectonics
    Geological Society of Australia, Public Lecture Series, October 2003

    Presented together with Jim Bowler, we explore the imprints of climatic and tectonic change in the Australian landscape, illustrating its remarkable archive of global change.

  • The Nature of Change
    Science Week, Melbourne University, August, 2002

    A geological perspective on global change.

Inaugural lecture

  • Why Oz quakes?
    Mawson Lecture, Geological Society of Australia, February 2004

    A geological outline of Australian earthquakes and the geodynamic factors responsible for them.

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