Figure 3. Sandiford, M.,  "Mechanics of Basin Inversion", In "Tectonics of Continental interiors", Tectonophysics, 1999.

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This applet illustrates geotherms (a) and del T(z) (b) as a function of depth for various values of basin-fill (zs = 0, 4, 8 &12 km in black, blue green and red - colored lines respectively). Default parameters as listed in Table below have been used. The Moho depth is indicated by the circles while the corresponding temperatures are listed in the left panel. The parameters are

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Symbol Parameter
Default Value
qc  crustal contribution to heat flow  
30 mW m-2
qm  mantle heat flow
30 mW m-2 (1.0)
hr length-scale for heat production
11.7 km (0.33)
zc  crustal thickness  
35 km
Hc upper crustal heat production)
2.6 mW m-3
Hs  basin-fill heat production 
Hs hr/qc
1.3 mW m-3 (0.5)
kc crustal conductivity  
3 W m-1 K-1
ks basin-fill conductivity
3 W m-1 K-1 (1.0)
rm density of lithospheric mantle  
3350 kg m-3
rc density of crust  
2750 kg m-3
rs density of basin-fill
2350 kg m-3 (0.66)