3. Input file formats

Input specification is via 1) an xml input file, 2) an initial height field file and, optionally, 3) any associated time series, fault block models and sea level information.

3.1. XML input file format

Run-time parameters are defined within the xml file called at runtime (eg., ./spmodel defualt.xml). To view an annotated version of an input xmlfile open this example file.

3.2. Height field file

In this &beta-release, two options exist for describing the initial height field.

1) As an ascii file in column-wsie form (xyzb)

The standard option is for a column-wise ASCII format file. Each row sepcifiec the To view an annotated version of the file open this example file.

2) As a UTM-georeferenced ENVI file format (with associated header file)

Sea-Level file format

By default the sea-level is set to 0 or a constant value specifed by the seaLevel paprameter in the xml input file (eg. <param name="seaLevel"> 0.0f </param>)

see example file

Fault block file format

see example file