Notes on the SRTM landform atlas

Part of the ACcESS P9 outreach program

These pages contain images generated from the SRTM 3-arsecond data. For further information about this wonderful publicly available data see the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission Home page.

The Atlas currently comprises:

1) the Australian Landform Atlas

2) the Indonesian- New Guinea Landform Atlas

Notes: Like most things on this web site - this is a work in progress and is not guaranteed to work well or at all!

Currently this atlas can be navigated using Apple's Safari browser. Explorer under Apple OS X does not seem to work. It is reported to work using Explorer on Windows machines.

The SRTM data does not provide a clear distinction between sea and land and noise in the data of a few metres means that it is not possible to distinguish sea from low-lying land on elevation alone. Consequently, in many images in the atlas the sea is shown as a speckled green-blue colour.